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Video Networking & IPTV Video Distribution (Webinar Series) – VidOvation Blog

Last updated Jul 11, 2023 | Published on Jul 10, 2014 | Professional AV - Pro AV, Enterprise & In-house IPTV, MPEG-4 H.264, Video Streaming - Webcasting

Video Networking & IPTV Video Distribution Webinar Series

VidOvation will be holding a series of webinar’s on Video Networking & IPTV Video Distribution. If you are already involved with this or are going to be soon, these webinar’s will ensure that you don’t fall into any traps when implementing or maintaining a system like this. We feel that all of our industries have something of value to gain from these events. If your are interested in setting up a reliable low-cost system like this in your facilities, this is where you want to be. Our presentation’s are great for both the High-Level viewers, and the RF engineers or IT administrators.

Video Networking

The first webinar will be held on July 24th. This is the Introduction to Video Networking & IPTV Video Distribution. This introduction is great regardless of industry. It will provide the basics and fundamentals necessary to help you take on your own project. You will learn how to deliver a flexible and scalable IPTV system and distribute live TV over your existing IP network. One of the large benefits of video networking and IPTV is the elimination of RF coax and the costs associated with it. However, you want to be sure that you avoid costly mistakes and issues by using the best implementation methods outlined in our video networking webinar. Take a look at what you have to gain below!

User Benefits:

  • Drastically improved video communications
  • Works with TV/Display, PC, Smartphone, & Tablet Clients
  • Live broadcasting
  • Enhanced training methods
  •  More and better informed employees
  • Personalized recording options
  • HD Quality
  • Familiar and user friendly interface

Operator/Admin Benefits:

  • Lower Cost
  • Easier to deploy and maintain
  • Elimination of Coax
  • Modular flexibility
  • Easy to expand

Certainly your application of video networking or IPTV video distribution will be different from any other. Each situation has it’s own set of variables to abide by. In any event, the end result will be a highly interactive video communications system. Additionally, you can stream both in-house to your desktop, displays, TV’s, STB’s and wirelessly on the go to your smartphone or tablet. The next piece of of webinar series is the application specific webinars. We have ones geared toward business and enterprise, healthcare, government, education, and hospitality applications. See the full list of Video Networking & IPTV Video Distribution Webinar’s Here.


  • TV Internet over existing IP networks
  • MPEG-1, 2, 4 H.264, High Definition (HD)
  • Integrated security and conditional access controls
  • Broadcast scheduling for live video
  • Recorded video files as well as integrated archiving / publishing
  • Scalable HD & SD Video-on-Demand
  • Customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI) and interactive guide
  • Network PVR (nPVR) and Time Shift TV (TSTV)
  • Industry standard network, streaming protocols, including RTSP, RTP, & UDP
  • IPTV with Electronic Program Guide (EPG)


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