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VidOvation 2016 NAB Show New York Nov. 9-10 Booth 1425

Published on Nov 6, 2016 | News

VidOvation at the 2016 NAB Show New York


“At the NAB Show New York, we’ll be showing our latest technologies that make field video acquisition, contribution, and distribution faster while enabling lower latency and higher video quality than ever before. See the Haivision Bonded Cellular Technology that made the A+E Live Reality Cop Show, ‘LivePD’ possible”. 

— Jim Jachetta, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, VidOvation

Live PD Bonded Cellular

VidOvation & Haivision Bonded Cellular making new A+E Live Reality Cop Show Live PD possible

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VidOvation will showcase its latest innovations in video transmission and distribution systems. Highlights include:

VidOwave 60G 750 PA Gigabit Wireless Ethernet Link

The VidOwave 60G 750 PA is an advanced 60 GHz millimeter-wave broadband and

VidOwave 60G 750 PA 6GHz Wireless Ethernet

VidOwave 60G 750 PA 6GHz Wireless Ethernet

wireless data connectivity solution that delivers low latency and full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet transport speeds in a small ruggedized, easy-to-install enclosure. Typical deployments include line-of-sight data links that would otherwise be impossible or cost-prohibitive with fiber optic cable, for such applications as IP video streaming and transport, connecting LANs between buildings, extending fiber backbones and wireless backhaul for 3G and 4G/LTE mobile networks.

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Photo Caption: VidOwave 60G 750 PA

DirecTV Integration With VidOvation TV and Digital Rights Management

Enterprise IPTV

Enterprise DirecTV

VidOvation TV, a turnkey enterprise IPTV system, now includes full integration of DirecTV content. The combination enables an end-to-end IPTV system that includes DirecTV, digital rights management, video on demand, and digital video recording with streaming to smartphones, tablets, desktop players, displays, smart TVs, and set-top boxes.

Haivision DMNG Family of Solutions for Live Video Over Bonded Cellular

As the master distributor for Haivision in the U.S. market, VidOvation will showcase the

Bonded Cellular

Bonded Cellular Live Contribution Newsgathering

two newest products in Haivision’s DMNG family of bonded cellular video transmission solutions for newsgathering applications. Offering the industry’s highest processing power for bonded cellular communications with bit rates of up to 20 Mbps, the DMNG Pro includes a second high-bit-rate encoding engine for high-resolution video recording. New support for dynamic latency and adaptive bit-rate functionality enable the DMNG Pro to minimize latency and seamlessly adjust to changing network conditions without operator intervention. Also, the DMNG Pro now supports the bonding of eight cellular modems into an Internet access point to help news crews cut costs while maximizing bandwidth and efficiency.

VidOvation is also highlighting the DMNG HE4000, an HEVC/H.265 4K video encoder for contribution and primary distribution. With support for high-efficiency video coding (HEVC), the DMNG delivers the same video quality as H.264/AVC at 50 percent of the required bandwidth, optimizing the distribution of SD, HD, and 4K content over unmanaged networks such as the public Internet. By combining HEVC encoding and Haivision’s SafeStreams® contribution technology, the DMNG HE4000 reduces bandwidth costs dramatically while guaranteeing superior video quality.

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Photo Caption: Haivision DMNG PRO 180 RA

VidOlink Long-Range Wireless Transmission Systems
At the 2016 NAB Show New York, VidOvation will launch two new wireless transmission

Wireless Video

Wireless HD SDI Video Transmitter

systems: the VidOlink Ranger2 and the VidOlink Tally & Control. The VidOlink Ranger2 is a lower-cost long-range transmission system that can transmit wireless HD video as far as two miles with line-of-sight on the 5.8 GHz band. The VidOlink Tally & Control is a complementary means of adding tally and camera control unit (CCU) functionality to new or existing wireless camera systems. Using the 403-473 MHz band, the Tally & Control can transmit a wide range of tally and CCU functions. It can also send data via VidOlink’s RF-over-fiber SMPTE units, delivering RF, data, and power to the receive point with a single cable.

Wireless Video

Wireless Video VidOlink Reacher Family

In addition, VidOvation has expanded its lightweight and low-cost VidOlink Reacher family of long-range transmitters with three new models: the VidOlink Reacher 400, VidOlink Reacher 1000, and VidOlink Reacher 2000. Spanning transmission distances of 400, 1,000, and 2,000 feet, respectively, the systems transmit HD SDI and HDMI video with near-zero latency, making them ideal for action sports shots in which near-zero latency is important.

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Photo Caption: VidOlink Long-Range Wireless Transmission Systems

Company Overview

VidOvation — Moving Video Forward — is a leading manufacturer of video, audio, and data transmission and distribution systems for the broadcast television and sports, corporate AV, and government markets, offering 50 years of combined experience. Encompassing bonded cellular, wireless video, video streaming, video networking, IPTV, and fiber optic communications systems, VidOvation solutions improve video transmissions by removing the frustrations of dropouts, latency, interference, noise, and security issues. VidOvation excels in helping its clients integrate custom solutions into existing infrastructure, with the ability to meet almost any application or budget. The company applies proven expertise on the complete project life cycle — from project consulting and management to engineering and design, to warranty and support.




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