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[New @ NAB Show 2023] At-home Production – Private LTE 5G – IPTV & Digital Signage – Wireless – Cinema Camera Fiber Optic Backs for Live

April 15-19, 2023, Las Vegas Convention Center

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VidOvation provides television production, broadcasting, wireless, distribution, and streaming systems that simplify your workflow and save costs. Expect at-home remote production (REMI) without headaches. Create more Live Content while saving costs. Demand frame-accurate genlock & lip-sync across multiple untethered cameras.

Ensure legal compliance in your in-house IPTV & digital signage system. Expect industry-approved Verimatrix or Pro:Idiom DRM & encryption. Integrate a custom TV distribution system into your existing infrastructure. 

Eliminate the clutter of cabling with wireless video, audio & data links. Demand a robust ultra-low latency, bi-directional radio with dynamic FEC & ARQ with fully integrated intercom & camera control.

Get a cinematic look in your live multicamera production. VidOvation provides fiber-optic camera backs that allow you to incorporate large-image-sensor digital cinema cameras into live multicamera productions. 

Learn about Audio Activated QR™, with its patented TONE Technology™, which gives consumers the ability to connect with their favorite brands during live events. In its simplest form, TONE delivers tiny fragments of engineered audio, aka TONE Tags®, through any audio-based delivery system. When combined with a TONE-enabled mobile app, it listens to beacons or transmitters for audio QR codes embedded in the audio tracks of film, television, advertising, digital signage, and other media.

Additional technologies include bonded cellular & IP, video over IP transport, encoding, decoding, IRD, IP probing, monitoring, multiviewer, and fiber-optic systems.

Encompassing Emmy award-winning technology, VidOvation solutions improve video transmission, contribution, and distribution by removing the frustrations of signal loss, latency, interference, noise, and security issues.

In addition to VidOvation-manufactured products, we represent great brands such as ABonAir, Blackmagic Designs, Cobalt Digital, Crestron, Cyanview, DirecTV, Dream Chip, Haivision, Mobile Viewpoint, MultiDyne, Mushroom Networks, QVidium, Ross, Technicolor, Videon, Vislink, Zixi, and more.

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