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VidOvation’s Cutting-Edge Solutions for Uninterrupted Live Streaming

VidOvation works with businesses across a wide range of industries implementing new and upgraded video streaming technology. Our team helps clients integrate customized wireless video solutions with the ability for uninterrupted live streaming.

With the rise of the popularity of video streaming, content creators and business owners employing live streaming seek ways to provide continuous video play. Nobody wants to watch a video lag or load just as it gets to the exciting part, especially during a live stream when you can’t rewind to see what’s happened.

Here, we’ll talk a bit about the latest cutting-edge solutions VidOvation uses to provide uninterrupted live streams for our clients and yours.

Bonded Cellular

Bonded cellular involves the connecting of multiple connections to increase bandwidth for seamless downloading and uploading of content. VidOvation takes bonded cellular to the next level with advanced video uplink solutions.

Some features included in our bonded cellular services include:

  • Frame-accurate genlock
  • Lip-sync on several cameras at once
  • SD or HD compatible system

Investing in VidOvation bonded cellular broadcasting equipment keeps your live stream going in high definition, whether you’re creating content in the office, at home, or on the scene of a news or weather report.

This equipment even helps capture fast-moving objects like bikes, cars, trains, and helicopters. Or capture footage from fast-moving vehicles on the go.

Cloud Production

Broadcast seamlessly from the Cloud with some of the technology used by major players in the video streaming game. This technology improves video production for mobile video and interconnected systems.

Use cloud production for conference and corporate event videos.

Top tools include:

Hosting video through cloud production software and services ensures a clean clear output and uninterrupted play. Count on VidOvation to support the transition from Cloud to screen.

REMI Field Encoders

A REMI (remote integrated model) field encoder is a tool used to convert your video into a digital stream of content. The REMI portion of the technology lets you capture your content from home or in the field while the stream is captured and produced from another location (a television studio, for example).

Choose from multiple REMI field encoders, including:

At VidOvation, our encoders work in tandem with your broadcast equipment to create fast, high-definition, consistent content. This minimizes interruptions and allows for long or short-form content delivery.

Ancillary Data Insertion

From time to time, a video stream requires ancillary data support to add subtitles, sporting game scores, and other information. VidOVation offers top-line technology in this area with The LRBox platform. This cost-effective tool lets you add data on the fly. Insert, extract, or bridge on-screen display data.

The LRBox has a variety of benefits, including one of each SDI input and output with an auto or manual by-pass relay, ethernet, and USB port, a regular +5V power supply, and a shelf or wall-mount bracket kit.

You can also count on the box for a no-frame delay for a continued live video feed. No need to embed anything in your OS or add anything mechanical to connect the box to your current setup. The system starts up quickly and is secure for even the most sensitive jobs.

AI Camera Systems

Sometimes delays in streaming occur because of manual interruptions. Having a camera person on hand to film adds an extra layer of complexity to a clean stream. AI camera systems remove the need for anyone else to manage the camera.

Some of the products we offer in this area are:

While these AI systems don’t necessarily impact video stream flow, they do remove the risk of human error. Rely on your AI camera system to manage recording and delivery while you create content.

Multi-camera AI-driven Automated Studio Production System

Learn More from VidOvation

We hope this blog has been helpful in illuminating the importance of uninterrupted live streaming for event and business use. For professional, high-quality wireless video, VidOvation has a wide assortment of technologies and solutions available.

VidOvation excels in helping clients like you integrate custom video transmission, streaming, contribution, and distribution systems into existing infrastructure, with the ability to satisfy almost any application or budget. Give us a call to get started!

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