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Ways to Achieve Digital Signage Success in Hospitality Industry

Last updated Oct 20, 2019 | Published on May 14, 2019 | Digital Signage

With so much emphasis on digital advertising, more than a few brands are wondering if the art of “selling at the shop” isn’t being lost in all the excitement. The truth is being somewhere is a powerful incentive to shop and explore, and any company that relies on providing customers experiences rather than products should bear in mind their fastest route to profitability lies in their ability to upsell at the point of sale. There is a growing momentum behind this belief in hospitality digital signage.

This is where digital signage is at its best. Everyone has seen the promotional upsells on hotel televisions.  Even in an era where thousands of first-rate films are as close as a mobile phone, it is still extraordinarily common and apparently profitable to make those same products available on a standard television.

The exact same principle applies to just-in-time digital signage. Nothing can compare to having a product within arm’s reach of the sign promoting it.  Ask any car dealer.

Merging Sales and Marketing

More than a few experienced and successful executives would be hard-pressed to explain the exact difference between sales and marketing.  The good news is with the right digital display, it’s not necessary. Consider for a moment the elaborate egress structure leading from a resort hotel lobby to the pool. The resort is already using hospitality IPTV.

Lockers are available for five bucks a day so guests can store their property safely. They can even be attached to the lounges. Where is the best place to advertise, demonstrate and market those lockers all at the same time?

The entrance to the pool, perhaps?  Now, what other advertising can possibly compete with that?  Every wife, girlfriend and mother who walks by that display is going to persuade her husband or boyfriend to rent one or more.  Is it genius marketing, or just the right placement?

Materials Savings

What’s going to drive more sales? That’s the question on the mind of every brick and mortar business. Suppose you have a pizza restaurant. You have take-out business all evening, and you want to promote your lunch buffet. Flyers and color printed menus are going to cost a fortune and end up in the trash. A digital sign next to the register with well-produced scenes of local folks enjoying the buffet, on the other hand, are going to get attention from every single customer. Not only that, but the costs can be amortized.  In fact, those costs go down every single day you turn on that sign.

You can also have a whole new promotion tomorrow. Try that with your printed menus.

One of the major advantages driving the value in digital advertising is its versatility. In the 1970s, it could take six months to go from designing a commercial campaign to the first sale resulting from it. Now, fifty years later, it takes six minutes.  This kind of iteration is the key to focusing and improving marketing efforts. If an ad doesn’t work, it can be almost instantly replaced. That’s the power of digital communications.

That’s why your hospitality business has to take advantage.

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