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Learn about 60 GHz Milli-meter Wave Wireless Transmission [Webinar Recording]

Published on Jun 12, 2014 | News, Wireless Video, Webinars

Save Money with 60GHz Wirelessnhl-150x150
We understand the pain of projects hindered by the limitations of traditional cable & wireless. Download the webinar on the 60GHz Wireless broadcasting solutions for remote & hostile locations. We will introduce ways in which you can keep under budget, whilst choosing the ideal technology & spectrum for your projects. By the end of the session, you will be an expert on the array of wireless alternatives and understand how to create a reliable wireless system for your own unique project.


Download 60 GHz Milli-meter Wave Wireless Transmission Webinar Recording


60GHz for YOUR projectIn-net GoalView GoalCam 60GHz Wireless HD-SDI Goal Verification System
Your own project is no doubt different in some way from every other. It’s full of its own set of anomalies & issues. The best way to learn how to deal with these struggles is by using a strong example. In our webinar, we will use the NHL GoalCam project as an example as we walk through the underlying restraints of the project, the budget decisions, RF bands alternatives, licensed vs. unlicensed spectrums, polarization, and ultimately what made 60 GHz Wireless their best option.

The Point?
The availability of 60 GHz Wireless opens up a whole new set of operational improvements for broadcasters. If you want to learn more about it, you know where to go!


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