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Webinars – Learn about At-Home Production, Wireless, ARQ, Lens Distortion Correction and more

Published on Jul 22, 2020 | News

VidOvation has created an extensive library of educational webinars on many subjects ranging from At-Home Production, Lens Distortion Correction of Live Video, Wireless Camera Technology, the invention and use of ARQ, and more.

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Here is a partial list of our most recent educational webinars:

Please let us know if there are any subjects you would like presented in upcoming webinars.  We welcome your feedback.

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Jim Jachetta
VidOvation – Moving Video Forward


Learn about:
  • PGA TaylorMade Driving Relief At-home Production using VidOvation
  • More efficient ways to contribute and distribute live television and video
  • VidOvation has been promoting At-home production for several years. Today it is more of a necessity during these uncertain times with social distancing.
  • Address the challenge of maintaining frame-accurate video genlock and lip sync across multiple cameras for wireless at-home live production or REMI.
  • How labor costs are reduced since the television production specialists work at a centralized master control near where they live, eliminating the need for travel and overtime expenses.
  • SafeStreams Transport (SST) for video transport over unmanaged networks such as cellular and the public Internet
  • New codec – SMPTE VC-6 ST 2117 P.Pro – a More Efficient Alternative to Uncompressed, JPEG XS and JPEG 2000 from V-Nova
  • New low latency wireless technology for remote productions

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