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What to Look for In a Digital Headend Equipment Supplier


Published on Jun 21, 2018 | Enterprise & In-house IPTV, IPTV

With improved technology, digital headends have risen and are now preferred over the analog headend equipment. Digital headend equipment suppliers have increased,which makes it challenging to choose what company to work with. However, by determining the desired qualities of a digital headend equipment supplier, the selection process becomes straightforward.

Technology integrator

Since your company will be introducing a new technology into your organization, make sure you work with a supplier that not only brings in a product as a subcontractor but also offers complete service to assist you from installation, troubleshooting, managing, training and several after-sales services. This will make it easier for your company to transition into adopting the use of IPTV. By partnering with a technology integrator that knows the nuts and bolts of the system and the ins and outs of IPTV, you can just relax and see how it works.


Only work with a reputable IPTV headend provider that has the expertise, testimonials and experience. The company you will be working with should have the certification to prove their expertise in the IPTV space. Also, dig a little research of their client portfolio and learn what other customers say about their company.


Technical errors and failures can happen. Some issues can take place even before the product was deployed to your business location.

Work with a supplier who are accountable for whatever occurrences that happens and are ready to take the blame and not to point fingers to other contractors. With that said, that heightens the need to work only with an IPTV Headend provider that does all the work in-house rather than a company that outsource several of their jobs from various vendors.

The supplier should be able to allocate warranty periods for the headend equipment they supply and provide solution to any defects.

Some headend equipment suppliers may promise to deliver but then could not fulfill the after-sales service, which can be frustrating for the customers.

Production Capabilities

Most clients focus on a supplier’s ability to consistently present products that meet their expectations. With changing times, broadcast televisions, sports, corporates, and government, markets are on the lookout for digital headend equipment supplier who offers improved video transmission and a range of other facilities that quicken audio, video, and data transfer processes.

This is confirmed by either visiting the company’s production grounds or a demonstration or live test before making the purchases.

The Cost

The cost could be a major factor for any purchasing decisions but could never be the sole factor why your company should work with a certain IPTV headend supplier. What you really need to look into is if their products and the services they offered are price reasonably. The digital headend is an investment and you must pay an appropriate amount in return for an excellent product and service.


Whether you are a part of television broadcasting, sports, corporation, or government market in search of a digital headend equipment supplier, Vidovation can provide you the solution. Learn more about the IPTV Headend system or speak to one of the IPTV expert at Vidovation.

Currently, VidOvation TV, which is the company’s turnkey IPTV system for an enterprise, has an included full DirecTV integration. This headend has facilities that can distribute live in-house and studio feeds to communicate, train and guide employees, and give any appropriate instructions in case of emergency situations.

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