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Why Choose Bonded Cellular For Live Remote Broadcasting

Last updated Oct 20, 2019 | Published on Sep 7, 2018 | Bonded Cellular

Cellular bonding products provide the perfect vital tools for the broadcasting of live streams and events to the cloud. The transmission is done via the multiplexed cellular signals to replace the expensive satellite transmissions and unavailability of Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Let’s learn more on Bonded Cellular.

Understanding Bonded Cellular

The mobile bonding products involve using multiple cellular modems combining the 3G, 4G LTE and the other available cellular signals to provide an increased signal resiliency. The products also increase the throughput. Most of the boding products also combine with the other signals like Ethernet and Wi-Fi to bring out greater robustness. Cellular bonding hence gives the broadcaster a better way of sending live coverage of events faster and smoothly.

Why Choose Bonded Cellular for Live Remote Broadcasting

The fierce competition from various broadcasters on ways of breaking the first story and news requires a robust technology mechanism. Using of Bonded cellular for live broadcasting has the following benefits

Portability and Flexibility

Flexibility and portability play a significant role in broadcasting sectors. The power and ability to cover the latest news within the shortest time need technology that is small and flexible. Using the bonded system that supports a broader range of networks guarantees a more natural way to air live news. Also having a portable and small with extreme flexibility gives a seamless integration with the existing workflows, remote locations and reducing the setup times of the live events productions. It also enables mobility and speed hence getting news broadcasted faster.

Faster Internet Connection

The Cellular technology brings out a network of bonding that is designed to aggregate Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and over five cell modems. The process creates a single and robust pipeline that helps to broadcast live events. The combination of these networks connections allows the broadcaster to quickly reinforce the live event by sending of traffic to over multiple routes. The process leads to repackaging at the primary destination using rock-solid dependability. Using many applications helps to prevent the potential of the unreliable uplink. With the bonded cellular if one connection fails the others automatically ensure a smooth and continue broadcast of live events.

Bonded Cellular is an Affordable Solution

Broadcasting live from an event location may cost thousands of dollars making the whole process expensive. However incorporating cellular bonding directly into their live broadcasting makes the entire process faster. Compared to using of the house-provided internet, several bonded applications may potentially save some cash. Besides, in case a connectivity failover the other connections help to maintain steady steam. It helps a broadcaster save through the elimination of the Satellite Truck.

Easy to use

Having an easy to use application when breaking news makes the whole process run effortlessly and with Bonded Cellular you have video uplink system. The video uplink system detects the real-time networks in an automatic recognition technology hence helping to bond together various IP-based networks. The touch-screen interface simplifies the operations and configuration.


As Live Remote Broadcasting continues to grow stronger, technology like using of Bonded Cellular provides the perfect and reliable backbone for a smoother flow of live events.

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