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Why is Fiber Optics the Best Solution for Internet?

Published on May 12, 2021 | Fiber Optics

When you are looking for the fastest, most reliable, and secure type of internet connection infrastructure available, fiber optics is the best solution on the market today. It increases the potential to obtain and remain connected to cloud-based services and remote servers, with much more reliability than DSL or cable modem connections. The technology outshines its predecessor, copper cable, with superior connectivity offering many advantages.

Here’s why fiber optics is the best solution for the internet.

Super-Fast Internet Speeds

If speed is important to you, which of course it is, fiber optic internet speed can be up to 10 to 20 times speedier than most cable connections. At 1 Gbps, the 50 to 100 Mbps offered by the cable most of us use just can’t compete.

Better Reliability

You can’t afford to have choppy connectivity interfering with streaming. Fiber optics is fast, which also helps it remain more reliable. Streaming information won’t freeze because it’s never worried about trying to keep up. Instead, you receive consistency. When sending data, it also is more reliable in different scenarios such as live events or remote locations. It improves both video transmission and wireless video capabilities.

Throttle Free Internet

Throttle is when internet providers struggle to maintain equal connectivity for customers at peak times. So when everyone tends to need their internet most, they use throttling to reduce connection outages as demand increases. This is noticeable in cable speed which can drop from an average 100 Mbps to 20 or less. It’s like rationing water to make it last longer. With fiber optics, this isn’t necessary because it isn’t troubled by overload issues.

Download & Upload Speeds

If you depend on uploading information as much as you do on downloading, fiber optics is the best choice for you. Upload speeds tend to be much slower than download speeds with most cable internet services. This is because there tends to be more demand for downloads than uploads. This is not so for businesses who are constantly sharing information.

Fiber optics provide consistent upload and download speeds because there is no worry about that whole overload issue. You have the same bandwidth for both tasks. However, it also exceeds expectations when it comes to live video streaming and video transmission, important for companies focused on providing high-quality video production.

Improved Quality

When it comes to high def TVs often the bandwidth of internet connections just isn’t up to the challenge. If you depend on clarity and high definition, you need fiber optics as it allows you to stream high-quality images thanks to its 1 Gbps.

The Healthier Choice

Conspiracy theories 5G internet spreads the coronavirus aside, according to hundreds of scientists and medical professionals 5G could increase the risk for cancer. Whether that’s true or not, rest assured fiber optic signals are well contained so there is no worry of such risks.

Managing Multiple Devices

With multiple computers and devices in one location, more pressure is put on internet use which can interfere with speed and reliability. Fiber optic internet maintains a steady signal in hand with 10 times more bandwidth. So you can multiply your devices without worrying your internet can’t handle it.

The Choice of First Responders

Faster connections such as fiber optic cable internet service will help improve public safety by improving how first responders can exchange information. With faster, more reliable internet, first responders can use voice and video to help save more lives. It can also help speed up response times with improved connections to 911 as well as maintain communications during disasters.

Empowering Telemedicine

With the pandemic, came a new demand for telemedicine as access to medical services changed. In an effort to reduce contact by taking full waiting rooms out of the mix, telemedicine allowed medical professionals to continue to care for patients with appointment calls. Healthcare professionals can provide the same quality of care they would in person when it comes to patient needs such as evaluations, sharing diagnoses and treating patients for many conditions remotely.

Using faster fiber optic internet keeps video chats reliable, while also improving video transmission quality to assist in remote diagnosis. This is a huge improvement that will allow healthcare professionals to interact more frequently with elderly patients, patients with mobility issues and those living in remote communities.

The Green Connection

Last but by no means least, fiber optics is the green internet solution. It makes a minimal impact on the environment thanks to reduced waste and less energy consumption. This contributes to helping decrease greenhouse gas emissions and also provides a more sustainable infrastructure. Fiber optics is more resilient to natural elements reducing the need for repairs. This in turn helps decrease harmful emissions because fewer repair professionals are on the road traveling from site to site.  Because fiber optics was designed to change and adapt to future technologies, it also reduces waste from replacement technology.

Tell us your unique needs! We will work to find the best solution for you.

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