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Why Use a Wireless Video Transmission System for Video Streaming

Published on Nov 20, 2018 | Wireless Video, Users Guides - Education


In recent years, a majority of broadcasters and video production firms are progressively adopting the use of wireless recording equipment, quickly replacing copper-cable connections and fiber optics. The reason for this is because wireless video transmission offers increased mobility; not to mention the high-quality videos they produce.

No-Latency at All

If you haven’t yet been initiated to the wireless video transmission systems, no latency simply means there is no downtime or hold-up once demand is generated to the time real action occurs. The transmission channels have various handling stages before pixels from a camera is finally displayed ion a screen. Each of these processes presents its hold-up time and it is the accumulative downtime, together with the time required to transmit a video clip that results in an end-on latency.

But what if all the cables and wires disappeared? To put that context in a better perspective, quality wireless video transmission indicates there is no time video-relay is derailed from the generative device to the receiving on-screen display regardless of the radius within which the transmission is taking place.

For instance, the YouTube Video-game app is a reliable wireless video transmission platform. It is perhaps the fastest and smoothest channel to effectively stream your frequently viewed clips. Setting it up takes little time, its streaming is effective. That, combined with a compact smart device, you can easily access your preferred videos without dealing with bulky equipment and clutter of cords.

Here are other reasons why you need a cordless video transmission system.

Video-Clip Quality

New game-changing technological tools have enabled video production companies to create clips with a resolution power of 2160p, others with a lower but decent 1080p. That means you can transmit clear and sharp images using wireless video transmission equipment.

Additionally, most of the wireless gadgets allow for the transmission of uncompressed content with absolutely no latency. That means that the equipment can also be used to stream video clips that match the standard-quality TV sets and IPTV.

Enhanced Mobility

One of the most appreciated aspect of wireless video transmission is that it improves mobility. Traditionally, operators had to deal with myriad, intertwined wires which clung on chairs, tables, and other items. Wireless transmission cameras now provide a great opportunity for you to focus on having the perfect shot.

In a live coverage, camera operators are able to move to where the action is to capture the most engaging footages for the audience. That saves time, as video shooters can move faster to capture real-time events to keep the viewers glued.

Availability and Affordability

As with other technological tools, the prices attached to most cordless video transmission gear have plummeted. Now, businesses and companies that were financially constrained to add such equipment to their businesses can now afford the machines. There is a vast latitude of gear to choose from at affordable prices, eliminating the need to break the bank to acquire one.

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