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Wireless Solutions for Your Live Reality TV Series

Published on Dec 30, 2022 | Wireless Transmission

Broadcasting live is becoming more essential for all kinds of broadcasters, as audiences more and more want to keep up with what is happening this minute. Broadcasting live isn’t just the purview of newsrooms anymore. Reality television can be broadcast live, sports can be broadcast live, university events, surgeries, and so much more can benefit from the ability to broadcast live.

When it comes to reality television series that are unscripted, live broadcasting increases the excitement for the audience and, importantly, makes your broadcast the first place to get information and stay up to date, not social media. VidOvation has the solutions to allow you to broadcast live affordably while ensuring high quality and no interruptions of the broadcast.

Why Choose Wireless?

For reality television, especially those that are broadcasting live, wireless is such an advantage that it may be your only option. There are many reasons that a wireless setup will enable your broadcast, including:

  • Mobility: When you’re broadcasting live, anything can happen. Your cameras need to be able to follow the action wherever it goes, especially in moments of high intensity when things move fast. Plus, you don’t want there to be cables in the background of your shots, so not having any cables at all completely eliminates this problem.
  • Speed: It’s not true for all reality television series, but some depend on external events and developments. Those do not hold to a production schedule. If you need to start filming earlier than you thought because the salmon run came early this year for your live nature show or someone got stranded on the mountain early for your live rescue show, speed is important. Wireless broadcasting allows you to set up much faster so you can start sooner.
  • Inaccessible areas: Sometimes, you need to film in areas which are downright inaccessible. Wireless solutions allow you to do it, so long as you can get the camera in there.
  • Scalability: As your content becomes more popular or as its reach expands, you need to add more equipment to capture everything. Wireless systems are easily scalable.
  • Lower costs: Without cables and with less set-up work, wireless solutions are actually more affordable than cabled systems. You can lower your production costs just by choosing wireless broadcasting.

Why Choose VidOvation?

VidOvation has experience delivering the right solutions for live reality television series. We are committed to offering high-quality broadcasting. Some of the shows made possible by our technology include:

  • Discovery’s ‘Border Live’
  • truTV’s ‘The Chris Gethard Show’
  • Fox’s ‘First Responders Live’
  • TLC’s ‘Hear Me, Love Me, See Me’
  • Lifetime’s ‘Date Night Live’

Some of the production companies which depend on our solutions to broadcast their content include:

  • Big Fish Entertainment, a Division of MGM Television
  • Lucky 8
  • 44 Blue Productions, a division of Red Arrow Entertainment
  • Funny or Die
  • 495 Productions

Get Wireless Solutions for Your Live Reality TV Series Today

For a quote, to ask questions, or any other inquiries, contact us at VidOvation today.

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