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Wireless Video and Networking Solutions for the Medical Community

Published on Jun 30, 2022 | Wireless Video

There are many opportunities for those in the medical community to use wireless solutions in their office, hospital, or another healthcare system. Wireless networking provides better convenience and accuracy allowing you to improve care. They can also help save money and offer other benefits to your practice or your organization. Wireless solutions like documentation, video communication and more can be highly advantageous for everyone in the medical community. Here are how these solutions can make your work better.

Accuracy and Timesaving

With wireless solutions, healthcare professionals can perform charting immediately at the bedside. They can also rely on software to input some of the output from monitoring equipment directly into the chart. This helps improve accuracy and save time in a variety of ways:

  • Wireless video technology can facilitate live video streaming.
  • Wireless video technology can help with telemedicine and doctor training.
  • Staff can be given their own device, and do not have to wait in line to do their charting.
  • Staff can perform their charting directly after interacting with a patient, improving their recall and helping keep records accurate.
  • Staff do not have to rely on memory or on a handwritten notes in order to complete their charting.
  • Staff can perform charting in multiple places throughout your facility. So, they can follow patients to different areas and complete charting there.
  • Staff do not have to input all information. The software can pull directly from the monitoring equipment for information like heart rate and blood pressure, reducing the opportunity for error and saving staff time.
  • Staff can present patients with digital consent forms, and other documents to be signed, preventing the loss of these key forms.

Wireless solutions overall allow your staff to save a great deal of time, and to greatly improve their accuracy in charting. This allows them to deliver better care, with more precise information. It also lowers your overall liability, as you are more likely to have critical forms, more likely to have accurate information pulled directly from monitoring equipment, etc.

Reduce Your Costs

Along with reducing your liability, you can also reduce your costs. Wireless technology of all kinds reduces the infrastructure you need to invest in, especially cabling and wiring. Wireless technologies are frequently able to interact with each other, saving you from investing in technology or time to transcribe information from one medium to another.

When you have wireless technology, you may also be able to invest in equipment that is a much lower cost to maintain. One obvious example is giving staff smartphones to use instead of desktops. The cost of maintaining and updating smartphones is much less than that of desktops.

Wireless technology also tends to save staff time, which can enable them to focus on other tasks, which in turn may lower your staffing needs over time. It’s critical for those in healthcare to take any advantage that they can to give their staff more time and reduce staffing costs.

Allow Real-Time Access

Every patient you have has a wide support network, even within the healthcare world. You may need to share your tests, notes, prescriptions and recommendations with various other healthcare professionals both within your building and with others. For example, family physicians may need to send and receive information from hospitals, physiotherapists, pharmacists, home healthcare providers and many more. Allowing for real-time access to files gives everyone the advantage of being able to treat the patient with more information.

Share Securely and Ethically

Wireless technology allows you to more easily and securely share confidential patient files and information both within your organization and outside of it. Using cybersecurity best practices with this technology is important to ensure this.

Enable More Convenient Video Capture and Streaming

Sometimes video capture is necessary for the healthcare context. In particular, you might want to bring cameras into the surgical theatre to record new techniques. Or, you may want to make training and instructional videos in various other healthcare settings. Wireless video is best suited to this environment, allowing you to easily bring in equipment without overwhelming your space with wiring and cables. Wireless video can also be more convenient and cost-effective than other options.

Doctor Checking Patient Information

We can offer you wireless filming with high quality, including important features like ultra-low latency, broadcast-quality video, dynamic modulation, and much more. This equipment offers everything you need to make highly polished and professional recordings in a health care setting.

Are you interested in wireless solutions for the healthcare environment? Our company applies proven expertise to the complete project life cycle — from project consulting and management to engineering and design, to warranty and support.

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