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Wireless Video Camera Transmitters – VidOvation Blog

Published on Aug 29, 2014 | News

Wireless Video Camera Transmitters

If there’s one thing most people hate, it’s having equipment that requires lots of cables being attached and spread out all over the floor. Whether it’s trying to meet the deadline for a news broadcast, setting up to cover a live sports event or simply trying to eliminate the clutter and damage that inevitably comes from having too many cables to trip over, it makes far more sense to use equipment that’s wireless. For those who are looking to kick the cable habit and go wireless, the answer is to purchase a wireless video camera transmitter.

VidOlink Ultra Low Delay Transmitters

If you’re in the news business or trying to meet the demands of filming a reality show, the VidOlink family of ultra low delay transmitters is a perfect fit. Able to reach up to 40 miles, line of sight with UAV high gain antennas, these transmitters are very lightweight and able to hold up under the demands of live television. They also feature L, S or C band operation and up to16 channels configurable via serial port.

Wireless Video Camera Transmitters

Broadcast grade HD audio and video

Using enhanced H.264 compression for a strong wireless link, these transmitters are great for high mobility video applications. By using advanced CABAC implementation with a multi-layer rate control, link range can be extended by more than 50 percent.

VidOLink COFDM H.264 Transmitter

A great transmitter for mobile applications, the COFDM H.264 wireless video camera transmitter can easily dock onto all types of ENG cameras using integrated V-mount or AB battery plates. Outfitted with a horizontal connection panel, this transmitter becomes very easy to use in the field by:

  • Minimizing cable strain
  • Cutting Cable Clutter
  • Avoiding conflict with camera’s own connectors

In addition to its small size and flexibility in a wide range of situations and environments, this transmitter has several video input options including:

  • Composite
  • SDI
  • HD-SDI
  • HDMI

Whatever broadcast needs you may have, Vidovation has the wireless video camera transmitter you need. With many styles for many budgets, it’s very possible to have the equipment needed to put on the best show possible. To learn more about these products and purchase the wireless video camera transmitter that’s right for you and your needs, call toll free at 1-855-VIDOVATION. By purchasing the transmitter you need today, tomorrow’s broadcast will be bigger and better than ever.


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