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Live video communications for first responders, public safety, and homeland security

Use live video to stay connected with the field.

Get crucial real-time information from the field to your command center to drastically improve the decision-making process. The critical mission of first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical services, public safety, and homeland security are more challenging and complex than ever before. The use of mobile video communications and portable Internet connectivity keep personnel in the field connected with their command center. This technology can give command-and-control real-time eyes in the field, enabling quicker and more informed decisions as events unfold.

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You will learn the following:

  • Learn how to transport live video over an unmanaged network such as the public Internet and cellular
  • Learn how to create redundancies for mission-critical video transmissions and communications
  • Learn how to create a cloud-based video transmission and distribution network


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Compact and lightweight field transmitters are available for the transmission of body-worn, in-vehicle, and drone camera systems back to a centralized command center. Larger rack-mounted field transmission systems are available for deployment in mobile command vehicles or for temporary command centers with cellular and Internet connectivity. These systems bond or combine up to 12 IP connections, including cellular, the public Internet, satellite, WAN, and more, into a robust and reliable video, audio, and data transmission stream.

Command and control can make quicker and more informed decisions by having eyes in the field to observe events as they unfold in real-time remotely.

First Responders

First responders make time-critical, life-saving decisions every day. When lives are in the balance, live bidirectional video and data communications enhance situational awareness and communications for field commanders and personnel.

Video Distribution and Sharing

Agencies can distribute live video announcements to social media, local broadcast television stations, and other agencies at the city, state, and federal levels. VidOvation uses SafeStreams Transport (SST) technology from our partner Haivision to reliably distribute live video point-to-point and point to multipoint. The technology uses bonding technology utilizing multiple IP networks, such as cellular, the public Internet, satellite, WAN, and more. The VidOvation teams can design an interconnecting communications grid delivering live video to an unlimited number of recipients.

Business Continuity and Remote Internet Connectivity

Are you struggling with business continuity issues? The VidOvation team can build systems for remote connectivity and off-premises video, audio, and data transmission.

VidOvation provides technology for remote Internet connectivity. Organizations can maintain high-bandwidth Internet connectivity from remote locations, such as field offices, remote workers, construction sites, corporate events, trade shows, church overflow facilities, and more.


Quickly set up and break down covert wireless video and audio surveillance using bonded cellular technology and SafeStreams Transport technology from Haivision. Capture live camera video from virtually anywhere and securely distribute around the globe in support of local law enforcement, government agencies, and homeland security. Stream high definition video to your command and control center for observation in real-time.

Extend Your Network into the Field

Connectivity to command and control is critical when performing remote operations in the field. The VidOvation field transmission technology from Haivision can provide a wireless and wired hotspot and access point to the public Internet via bonded cellular and satellite. Haivision SafeStreams technology (SST) also provides a secure virtual private network (VPN) by extending the network at your command and control center to the field. Now you can have all your cameras and other IP assets in the field securely connected to the same subnet as your command and control center.

Streaming Field Encoders

VidOvation provides a full range of streaming field encoders from Haivision, including the highly compact and affordable AIR series, the flagship PRO series with up to 12 IP, cellular, Internet, satellite connections, and the rack-mounted HE and RACK series of field encoders. The entire family of Haivision field encoders utilizes bonded IP SafeStreams transport (SST) technology. It uses managed and unmanaged networks such as cellular, the public Internet, satellite, WAN, and more.


Mobile Command and Control Vehicle

Mobile Command and Control

Many public safety agencies are deploying mobile command vehicles in the field. These vehicles provide the team back at headquarters with real-time videos and data to make life- saving and time-sensitive decisions.

First responders, namely, the police, firefighters, and EMTs, need to be connected to keep their teams safe and to respond quickly to situations in real-time. VidOvation technology enables them to send and receive live videos and to provide a secure VPN data connection to command-and-control.

VidOvation and our partner, Haivision, provide the mission-critical streaming and connectivity technology for camera surveillance, telemetry, sensors, and other IP devices in the field.

Drone and UAS Situational Awareness

Drones and unmanned aerial systems technology are new tools in the first responder’s toolkit. They give first responders eyes in the sky with a live aerial video of emergency operations. Portable field encoders from VidOvation provide seamless video connectivity for drones and unmanned aerial systems (UASs).
VidOvation’s portable field encoders integrate with the UASs by providing real-time video from an aerial banish point back to command-and-control. The drone operator wears a small portable field encoder on his/her belt or in a backpack.

First responders and government agencies receive live videos from the sky, which improves their situational awareness. Live video gives commanders back at command and control the necessary information to make life-saving and time-sensitive decisions.

Drone Inspection

Sending engineering crews into the field for infrastructure inspections is costly. Some inspections require costly aircraft and helicopters. Today’s drone technology has revolutionized the inspection of bridges, buildings, power lines, and disaster areas. VidOvation provides the connectivity and field encoders that facilitate the live transmission of video and data from a drone operator in the field to a centralized location for engineering review by industry experts.

Fleet Connectivity

Providing trains, buses, and trucks with reliable connectivity is essential in today’s transportation fleet management. VidOvation provides cost-effective wireless connectivity solutions for fleet management, telematics, payment systems, Wi-Fi, and infotainment. We provide cloud-based monitoring and management systems that prioritize video and data transmission over bonded cellular networks.

Safeguard the security and safety of passengers and employees with onboard live video monitoring. Give your centralized operations center real-time video and telematics to facilitate faster response times to incidents. While in motion at high speeds, VidOvation provides the reliable video and data connectivity you need.