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VidOvation’s IPTV Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Deliver a flexible, scalable IPTV system for the distribution of video and live television over your existing hotel network.

Imagine If You Can

✓ Deliver movies and TV shows on demand
✓ Showcase your facilities, and amenities
✓ Share useful information with your guests
✓ Promote and upsell your best services

In this webinar, you will discover:

✓ How Integrating a Hospitality TV System is Beneficial to Your Business
✓ Features of VidOvation’s Hotel IPTV Solutions
✓ How Easier for Operators & Administrators to Scale

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While businesses in all industries can benefit from using IPTV, the benefits are particularly large for hotels, resorts and other accommodation businesses that need to provide entertainment and useful information to guests.

From movies on demand to local and international television, Video over IP lets you expand your hotel’s range of entertainment options. It can also be used to deliver important information about your hotel to guests, from facilities and dining options to transportation, nearby attractions and more.

You can even use the hotel TV system to deliver content to your digital signage and displays, helping you show guests promotions and more.


Deliver movies and television shows on demand

Entertainment plays a huge role in the customer experience, and there’s no better way to offer a wide range of entertainment options to your guests than by using Video over IP for hotels.

The technology lets you display movies and television shows on demand, letting your guests decide exactly what they’d like to watch when they want to watch it. Without having to worry about the scheduling of broadcast television, your guests are free to consume content as they choose.

By offering a range of movies and television shows for your guests, you can provide a higher quality experience that helps your accommodation business earn higher review scores and win back guests for a stronger retention rate.

You can also use IPTV for hotels as an additional source of revenue by offering content as an upsell to increase your business’s average earnings per booking.

Showcase your facilities, amenities and more

Does your hotel have an impressive swimming pool, fitness center, spa or other facilities you’d like guests to know about? Video over IP is the perfect tool for showcasing your hotel’s amenities and attracting the attention of guests.

You can automatically display information about your hotel facilities inside guest rooms and public areas, helping your guests learn more about your hotel and advertise your optional extras and upgrades.

Just like you can upsell content, you can also market your additional services. From spas and care packages to guided tours and more, video over IP can be a great marketing platform for your business’ top optional extras.

Share useful information with your guests

Another great way to use the system is a way to inform your guests about nearby attractions and things to do. By broadcasting informational content, you can let guests know about your hotel’s nearest attractions and provide helpful directions and advice.

You can also use hotel TV distribution systems to teach your guests about transportation options, help them avoid the most common scams and problems in your city, share information about your local currency or convenient payment options and more.

Instead of requiring your guests to reach brochures and other content, the system lets you put useful information right in front of your guests, letting them familiarize themselves with the area or city in a fraction of the usual amount of time and enhancing the customer experience.

Promote your city’s top attractions

What are your city’s top tourist attractions? From historical buildings to theme parks, museums and more, you can promote your city’s top tourist sights to quickly give your guests an understanding of what they need to see while they’re in town.

You can promote your own tourism channel by showcasing specific attractions and tourists sights. You can display a photo slideshow or offer a more in-depth look at the sights you think are worth visiting via wireless video transmitter, all in beautiful HD.

If your offer a tour service, you can market it and encourage customers to make bookings, increasing your revenue per customer and providing a more convenient experience for your guests.

Do you use video over IP?

From small accommodation providers to large hotels, a video over IP distribution system can be a powerful tool for any type of accommodation business. If you’re interested in learning more, view our range of products online or contact our team today.