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Multi-camera Production, Re-imagined with Simplylive


How to Simplify Your Live Production Workflow — On-Site, Remote, and in the Cloud [Webinar Recording]

Presented by Greg Macchia of Simplylive and Jim Jachetta of VidOvation

Learn how to produce more of the live content viewers demand without scaling up the cost and size of your live production workflow. Find out how cloud-enabled, software-based production architecture can support and simplify live productions of any size, and hear about how leading broadcasters are doing just that!

Discover how to:

  • Leverage production infrastructure — on-site, remote, or in the cloud — to realize unprecedented workflow flexibility
  • Simplify key production tasks so that a single operator can run a full production, on-site or from afar
  • Adapt your workflow to address health safety measures
  • Create a micro control room dedicated to special events or to mitigate pressure on larger control rooms
  • Use bonded cellular and wireless video transport to deliver feeds from even the most challenging locations

We are Simplylive with the people who make live production more intuitive, more responsive, and less expensive. With our software, you can create live, multi-camera telecasts the way you see it by simply touching what you need. Functions that used to be locked in hardware, are now at your fingertips. Tap that shot to take it. Queue and scrub your slow-mo replays. Set up and run your graphics and transitions. It’s all there in an easy-to-learn touchscreen interface.

It’s called ViBox and it lets you work the way you want. The Simplylive ViBox platform is entirely software-driven. It comes in different configurations for different tasks. The various application layers connect with a common software back end. So the same touch screen can handle live switching, or slow-mo replay, or referee review, or master record, or all of them at once. When the hardware gets out of your way, you can create your show intuitively and dynamically. That’s what makes great television. Your talent is unrestrained. ViBox is powerful enough to tackle the toughest jobs in broadcasting without dropping the ball. The big players know that, and that’s why they’re using our systems right now. A modest event can be mixed and telecast by one person on one touch screen with fast internet. But for larger events, you can network multiple ViBox servers and scale up to dozens of slow-mo channels. But what we’ve achieved till now is only the foundation of where our vision will take us.

The jobs of live TV are the same, but the people doing them are no longer anchored to hunks of iron. They won’t need to sit together inexpensive control centers loaded with proprietary equipment. In fact, they won’t really need to be in the same town. Right now, ViBox software runs on commodity hardware that you can locate at the venue or the production center. But as television moves deeper into the IP universe, the physical location of the talent and the technology fades in relevance. In the future, your talent can be anywhere you want them. And the technology in the cloud.

ViBox is the natural outcome of the move to IP-based television. Flexible, lightweight, less expensive products can deliver more diverse, high-quality content at a lower cost. Today’s sports viewer might be watching on a big screen TV in the living room or on their phone in a snack bar. However they receive it, they come to expect more choice. The audiences are getting bigger, the demand for more content is. Whoever delivers what the viewers want wins. That’s why what we’re doing is so important. The minds that Simplylive believe in offering solutions that are full future imagined. Ready now, ready for what’s next.

ViBox All In One Production Demo from Simplylive

Imagine simply touching red to take the shot live. Touch green on the screen to put a shot in preview. Have slow-motion sequences, graphics, sequence replay, a run-down list, and audio levels – right at your fingertips – all on one easy-to-use touch-screen interface.

UI Gateway Overview from Simplylive

See why User Interface Gateway is the essential link in the SimplyLive platform to enable flexible and optimized remote workflows for live multi-camera productions.

ViBox SloMo Slow Motion Demo from Simplylive

ViBox Slomo is simply the most unique slow-motion replay system to come to market in decades.… Like all “application layers” on the ViBox platform, SloMo is easy to use with its intuitive touch screen but delivers extremely high-quality results. For even more power and flexibility, add the optional Super SloMo and remote control.

Multi-Camera Picture-in-Picture Replay with Pinch & Zoom from Simplylive

Using a combination of the ViBox SloMo and RefBox applications, Simplylive demonstrates how a single operator can create powerful picture-in-picture enhanced replays with the ability to pinch and zoom on any source in real-time.

Using ViBox For Program Delay from Simplylive

Using a combination of the ViBox SloMo and RefBox applications, Simplylive demonstrates how a single operator can create powerful picture-in-picture enhanced replays with the ability to pinch and zoom on any source in real time.

RefBox Official and Coach Review Demo from Simplylive

Referee review is here to stay and it’s only going to grow in need for sports leagues of all types and sizes around the world. Why settle for anything other than the easiest to use the system? Operators don’t have time to learn complex systems. Either do coaches when they want to review the team’s performance from multiple angles up close post-game.

RefBox Greyhound, Harness & thoroughbred Racing Layout from Simplylive

An in-depth overview of RefBox Greyhound, Harness & Thoroughbred Racing – a unique, powerful, and easy to use UI designed specifically for Stewards of Greyhound, Harness, and Thoroughbred racing.

BMR Broadcast Master Recorder Demo from Simplylive

Why can’t your master recorder and live streamer be easy to use and all in one application?… Well, it can be. The BMR digital recorder/streamer is yet another application layer on the ViBox platform. It is touch-screen-intuitive and ultra-flexible allowing you to record and stream to many different formats and to many different destinations – simultaneously.

MMR USB Recorder and Live Streaming Demo from Simplylive by VidOvation

After watching this video, you’re going to want to throw away those DVD recorders and get the easy-to-use MMR.  The MMRs come in 2 flavors – 1 channel record and 4 channel records. Both allow you to record to 10 USBs in one pass. You can also record to multiple destinations (FTP, NAS) in that same pass while streaming direct to the web.

Simplylive at IBC 2019 from Simplylive

Catch this interview with Simplylive Managing Director, Luc Doneux, and see the latest announcements and updates from IBC 2019 including the UI Gateway, and the ability to scale 3 ViBox SloMo systems together to create a huge and flexible replay network.