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The VidOvation podcasts promise to provide technical, educational, and best practices information on video communication systems specializing in the areas of professional audiovisual, broadcast television, electronic news gathering, sports, security and surveillance, and more. You will find episodes in both video and audio format on a wide variety of topics and formats including wireless communications, video streaming via bonded cellular, in-house IPTV, digital signage, streaming, webcasting, fiber optics and more. Episodes are available in many formats such as recorded webinars, technical presentations, industry interviews, best practices for product setup and configuration, and more. The content is created and presented by VidOvation Corporation, CTO, and Co-founder, Jim Jachetta. Jim Jachetta is an industry veteran with over three decades of experience designing, integrating, and delivering video, fiber optic, and data communication systems. He drives VidOvation to make the ‘impossible’ and ‘never been done before’ a cost-effective, everyday solution aligned with the client’s business goals.

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