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Mediatune - DirecTV for Bars & Restaurants

Mediatune is a revolutionary video management system designed for the commercial market of bars and restaurants. Mediatune is based on the DIRECTV™ satellite headend solution and offers a next-generation solution for video management.

The system has a simple interface that allows users to manage the entire DIRECTV content lineup, external sources, and over 70 output zones on a single webpage. Users can easily select any desired source input from anywhere in the interface and drop it on the desired display. An internal video router manages the DIRECTV receivers, providing a seamless and powerful experience. The web-based interface is available on any device with a web browser and can be synchronized to allow for multiple control points.

Mediatune delivers full HD resolution using the exact format from the DIRECTV broadcast center. Pro:Idiom content encryption secures content delivery over the coax or IP distribution to the TV set. To ensure compatibility with any TV set or HDMI projector, commercial TV sets, or external Pro:Idiom decoder boxes such as the LG STB6500 are available.

Mediatune 2.0 can manage and route any external IP video input from an ATSC-8 or HDHomerun device, external IP cameras, or digital signage streaming from a network PC. A simple video encoder can be used with HDMI video sources such as a DVD player or cable set-top box, providing an endless list of supported video content managed through a simple, click-and-drag interface.

The COM51 DIRECTV™ receiver card and the QAM modulator can be controlled using Internet Protocol commands, allowing any device that can browse the internet to access and manage the entire video system. The COM51 receiver includes a web server-based control interface, making it easy to use and flexible enough to be controlled by a PC, Tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

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