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Video over RF | CATV | Cable TV

The distribution of live television over an RF coaxial and cable television infrastructure. Distribute your local cable TV, satellite TV, over the air TV in your own internal live television channels over and RF coaxial infrastructure. Hybrid systems are available that support both IPTV and cable TV RF QAM live television distribution for your facility, including enterprise, healthcare, hospitality, assisted living, studio, media company, government, and more.

Contact our solutions experts today to help solve your CATV, IP, and Fiber pain points. Using a variety of fiber mux/demux technologies, we’re able to bring provide world-class custom for virtually any application or budget. Our award-winning CATV Encoder Modulators have been touted globally as an all-inclusive headend in a box, encoding any input HDMI SDI CVBS YpPbr in Mpeg2 H.264 and outputting on RF, IP, ASI in Ultra-Low Latency simultaneously makes it a perfect fit for any application.