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Bonded Cellular

Broadcast Live from anywhere with cellular video uplink solutions from VidOvationTechnical Emmy enabling a shift in live video acquisition away from expensive satellite transmission, delivering a cost-effective cellular alternative that offers resilient broadcast-quality video uplink while enhancing freedom of mobility in the field for all live broadcast media outlets.

  • Featuring live at-home production, REMI, or remote production without the headaches with frame-accurate genlock and lip-sync across multiple cameras.
  • A single reporter or camera operator, outfitted with a video camera and backpack, can be dispatched to perimeter areas of an unfolding story to interview eyewitnesses and passersby, cover other emerging sub-plots, or provide live ‘beauty shots’.
  • Live weather and traffic reports from fast-moving vehicles, such as cars, trains, motorcycles, boats, and even helicopters. For news networks and stations, VidOvation’s live broadcasting equipment transforms the digital video acquisition chain into an agile workflow of news gathering and live television via cellular bonding. It offers a portable, highly robust uplink system for SD or HD-quality coverage of breaking and local news, and opens multiple opportunities for new types of reporting