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CyanView Camera Control Systems

Camera control systems to universally improve and simplify your live broadcast production workflow.

Camera Control Systems by CyanviewConceived with the users and the end result in mind you won’t find anything that matches Cy-stem’s innovative and flexible technology.

Our solutions can be used in any fixed, mobile, or remote production from in-studio, on-truck to outdoor events.  Whatever is happening and wherever it may be, the Cy-stem family of products can control and capture it from any angle. Events that we’ve covered include:
  • Action-packed automobile racing events such as 24 Heures du Mans and other motorsports.
  • Remote productions such as TV reality (in the middle of the sea)
  • Live sporting events (ice-hockey, soccer, basketball, etc.)
  • Live concerts (indoor and outdoor)

We’ve spent thousands of hours researching, developing, testing, and designing a solution that brings an end to the problems that broadcast productions have encountered in the past when working with specialty cameras.

Our solutions fit perfectly into the broadcast production workflow in three Eco-system stages: Camera Control, Video Corrections, and Video Transport.


The Cy-stem family of products are made to fit perfectly within your workflow: connecting and communicating with each device, providing a unified interface to control all stages of the ecosystem, and because they are based on IP-technology they reduce considerably the burden of cabling, nuts and bolts.

Additional Solutions

The whole philosophy behind CyanView is to create solutions that help users solve the day-to-day problems they encounter within the broadcast production environment through key integrations and partnerships.

The flexible architecture of the Cy-Stem family range means that it is universally compatible with, and able to control any camera, lens, and other accessories via a range of protocols.

In addition to our own solutions, we also offer, on a case-by-case basis, bundled packages that combine the equipment that you currently own coupled with parts of the Cy-stem range. This combination means that you will get the maximum potential out of your specialty cameras while bringing increased efficiency, simplicity, and creativity to your productions.

To find out more about our packaged solutions please get in touch with your regional distributor who will walk you through the process. We are currently integrated with several specialty cameras, lens, and equipment vendors and our list of integrated partners is growing every day.

Should you wish to have a custom development or a device integrated with the CyanView technology, please get in touch.

Currently packaged bundles can include:

  • Wireless solution (drone application, beauty camera (camera used on the roof of a stadium to give a nice angle of the stadium/city/public…), referee camera, camera player….)
  • Goal camera package
  • Multi-camera set-up
  • Specialty cameras (PTZ camera, Wirecam….)
  • Lens motorization
  • Broadcast compliance
  • External camera housing, waterproof camera housing….
  • Polecam or crane integration
  • Integration with third-party devices: Lawo V_Pro8 (ember+ compliant), For-A 1010 color corrector, BlackMagic switchers…..
  • CyanView Mechanical solution (PTZ head, specific attachment)


CyanView is much more than just another hardware or software vendor. We are a team who are very passionate about technology and how it can change our lives for the better. It’s this passion that has led us to develop a cost-effective solution that has the potential to drastically improve and simplify broadcast productions and make life much easier for vision engineers.

Knowledge that is not shared is of no value. As such we want to offer our advice and expertise through private consultations, on-site training, and ongoing support.

If you are interested in learning more and would like to have a member of our team call you back, please fill out this form.

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