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AI Camera Systems - IQ Video Solutions

Now you can create live content without camera operators

The TrolleyLive Pro all-In-one Broadcast PTZ camera, streaming encoder, and return video monitor system facilitates talent broadcasting live from home or remote locations.

The IQ Sports Producer facilitates the creation of a live professional sports production without an on-site camera team.  IQ-Sports Producer (IQ-SP) is a leading AI system that automates a televised professional sports production but without the need of a camera team or director. Ideal for sports games that don’t have the capital and production resources of the major sports leagues.

The IQ vPilot AI-Driven Automated Studio is an automated studio system utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a studio set-up that does not require camera people or an onsite director but is designed to create visually compelling content. Ideal for lower-cost studio productions.

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