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Batteries & Power

BLUESHAPE Brand Of Video Professional Power and Battery Systems

The BLUESHAPE brand of video professional power systems is both designed and manufactured In Europe. The brand is known for leading the industry in technological advancements. BLUESHAPE pioneered battery safety and performance with its Battery Management System, first available through its chargers and then added to BLUESHAPE batteries with the GRANITE Link© app. BLUESHAPE also introduced the drop-resistant battery. The only production batteries with an IP54 rating for dust and moisture encroachment prevention wear the BLUESHAPE logo.

The BLUESHAPE factory is located in Malta, an island country just south of Italy. All BLUESHAPE products manufactured there are made by hand. The sole responsibility for product development, quality control, and manufacturing belongs to BLUESHAPE.

BLUESHAPE Manufacturing

Each completed battery must undergo and pass a series of tests with more than 100 steps before it can be released to be sold. This ensures high-quality performance from the first use through the life of the battery.

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