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Celona - Private 5G - CBRS

Pioneers in Private Wireless

After attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, four good friends uncovered a massive opportunity to disrupt the networked world. And so, Celona was born. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Celona is credited with developing the industry’s fully turnkey 5G LAN solution for the enterprise. By leveraging the new shared cellular spectrum being made available worldwide, Celona’s 5G LAN system, for the first time, allows companies to own and operate their own mobile network infrastructure.  With Celona’s unique turnkey solution, enterprises, and mobile network operators can embed a connectivity thread through the value chain to address the growing demands for more deterministic wireless connectivity and vital use cases not met by conventional wireless alternatives.

CBRS is ideal for point-of-sale, critical life safety, security, integrated voice, cellular video transmission, and more reliable wireless networking. The network connects at LTE speeds to enable high-quality, low-latency voice and video connections and can ensure against interference with other adjacent frequencies. CBRS is also an evolution technology that provides a pathway to 5G capabilities.

Haslam Sports Group, City of Las Vegas, BMW, Schneider Electric, Verizon, NTT, Standard Steel, SBA Communications, Purdue Research Foundation, St. Luke’s Hospital

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