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Progressing hand-in-hand with customers based on mutual prosperity

FOR-A continues to meet the needs of today by adopting cutting-edge technology to a wide range of products, adopted by to countless customers since our founding. We have made it our mission to contribute to the advancement of society through perpetual technological challenge and service dedicated to our customers. Our confidence and pride are backed by over 50 years of experience in the video industry. In our quest to remain your ideal business partner, we will expand the capabilities of video technology and in so doing, broaden our mutual business potential.

We are at a major turning point for our business. In these uncertain times, our lifestyles reflect a new normal, and FOR-A is responding by establishing a new business model through rapid digitization. FOR-A COMPANY LIMITED will strive to contribute to the progress of the new era while remaining dedicated to our customers under our corporate theme of “Find Your Next Innovation.”

– Katsuaki Kiyohara, President and Representative Director –

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