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JVC Professional Video

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVC KENWOOD Corporation. JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated video products that use superior technologies to deliver high quality sound and images.

JVC offers a complete line of professional equipment for the broadcast and professional REMI remote production marketplace including professional 4K PTZ cameras and handheld camcorders, studio camera systems, IP streaming production systems, and precision studio monitors. JVC also manufacturers market leading projectors for applications from mission critical simulators to high end home and industrial theaters.

As an early pioneer in the capture, display and recording of moving images, JVC has a rich legacy of technological innovation. In the analog world, JVC developed the color video recording technology that made Video Cassette Recorders possible, exemplified by the company’s invention of the Emmy® Award winning VHS format. Today, JVC’s work in digital compression algorithms is now part of the MPEG standard used in virtually all formats including Blu-Ray, digital broadcasting, and IP streaming.

From our ground-breaking professional 4K cameras to innovative 8K projectors, JVC continues to offer a succession of distinctive products that deliver sound and images with the power to move people.

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