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Providius - Fortifying Your Media Network

Why Providius?

Deploying NVRT (network telemetry) and BMG (IP media analysis) in live media environments is crucial for several reasons. These tools offer real-time supervision and insights into the network and media streams’ health, performance, and security. This capability enables proactive detection and resolution of any issues that may arise during live production.

Quality assurance is key in any live production environment, and NVRT audits network performance, while BMG confirms that all streams meet the desired standards and timing and are free of impairments.

In case any issues occur, NVRT and BMG provide detailed diagnostic information like network bandwidth, packet loss, jitter, and other performance metrics, which can help quickly identify and resolve them.

NVRT plays an essential role in capacity planning by providing insights into network utilization, traffic patterns, and resource allocation. This capability allows efficient management of network resources and ensures smooth and uninterrupted live production operations.

Efficient resource utilization and optimization are critical in minimizing the costs associated with over-provisioning or underutilizing network and media resources. NVRT and BMG help achieve cost optimization in live production environments.

Finally, cyber threats pose a significant risk to live production environments, and NVRT can play an essential role in cyber security by providing risk assessment to help identify and remediate all network-connected devices.

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