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Providers of the world’s most powerful remote production solutions


We are Quicklink

We help broadcasters, production companies, sport organisations and corporates with remote production tools to produce professional productions through powerful, efficient and easy-to-use solutions.

With remote production workflows growing year-on-year – we ensure you can optimise your workflows through award-winning remote production solutions.


Why we exceed expectations

Our mission is to empower creatives with the tools required to exceed modern-day standards of production content.

We’re passionate about video content that’s created with professionalism, intelligence and keeps you firmly in control.


What we believe in



We Listen

By listening to our customers we create outstanding relationships.


We’re Focused

We make things happen through innovation, intelligence and consistency.


We’re Human

We’re creative and passionate with honesty and integrity. Using our best judgment, we are proud of what we do.


Over 20 years of revolutionizing remote video contribution

In early 2000, Richard Rees, Quicklink CEO, established 4BN which provided the first transmission of the UK Parliament, revolutionary commentary of the UK Football League as well as empowering the first live financial management web TV station.

Later in 2003, Quicklink was established, with the idea of building an encoder for the BBC to cover the Iraq war. A part of the original encoder is still on display in the main foyer of Quicklink’s UK-based headquarters. Since 2003, Quicklink has continued to develop innovative, easy-to-operate solutions for over 800 customers – revolutionizing remote video contribution.

In late 2020, Quicklink opened its first US-based office following immense growth for the company in the region, strengthening sales, services, and support operations in North America.

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