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Unity Intercom

Get a Production Intercom on Your Cell Phone

Unity Intercom is a Full Duplex intercom system that connects over WiFi or Cellular data. Unity Intercom has two parts, the Unity Client apps which run on mobile iOS and Android devices and the Unity Server software running on a Mac. Unity Intercom supports features like third-party comm integration and program audio.

Unity Cloud is a simple alternative way to use Unity Intercom from our cloud-based servers.  There is no local server so all you have to do is sign up, download the app and you are ready to go. There is no program audio or third-party integration with Unity Cloud.

Unity Connect can send and receive 64 audio streams across the internet at low latency and broadcast quality.  Using Connect, you can take audio from your DANTE system and send it across the internet to a MADI system. You can also use Unity Connect to tie two different comm systems together.

Unity Broadcast Station is a product for your talent, giving them real-time local audio with full integration to Unity Intercom for talkback/IFB purposes.  It can be used both in the field and in-studio for both radio and TV applications.

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