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We Are Vantiva ( formerly Technicolor )

Building on our proud past and decades of leadership in connecting consumers with home entertainment and content, Vantiva emerges as a powerful, independent company recognized for pushing the edge of what is possible.

What We Do
Vantiva is a global technology leader in designing, developing, and supplying innovative products and solutions that connect consumers worldwide to the content and services they love – whether at home, work, or other smart spaces. Vantiva has also earned a solid reputation for optimizing supply chain performance by leveraging its decades-long expertise in high-precision manufacturing, logistics, fulfillment, and distribution. With operations throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA, Vantiva has been recognized as a strategic partner by leading firms across various vertical industries, including network service providers, software companies, and video game creators, for over 25 years. Our relationships with the film and entertainment industry go back over 100 years by providing end-to-end solutions for our clients. Vantiva is committed to the highest corporate social responsibility and sustainability standards across all its operations.

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