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Efficient Hybrid Ultra-Low-Latency Live Workflows

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Ultra-Low-Latency Live Sports Are a Big Deal

25% of sports fans have missed major life events such as weddings, birthdays, or a child’s event so they can watch sports on TV.

Live Sports are Pure Gold!

Live Sports are disrupting the traditional TV bundle and subscribers are craving more from live services. This creates the perfect storm between technology and experience, requiring broadcasters to architect more efficient and cost-effective hybrid:cloud workflows.

These workflows will drive increased reach with personalization, monetization, graphic overlay, time synchronization, all with larger scale, lower latency, and lower cloud costs.

The hybrid:cloud revolution is coming!

Videon Compute Platform

The Videon Compute Platform is the baseline for hybrid:cloud architectures, utilizing edge computing at the contribution edge, and enabling cloud workflows to become more intelligent, flexible, efficient and transformative. This is made possible by the combination of hardcore edge processing and a growing marketplace of purpose-built apps, applicable to any vertical, including live sports.

Results from recent live events (broadcast vs. streaming) show that entirely cloud-based workflows add close to one minute of lag behind the in-stadium experience and around 45 seconds over traditional broadcast, leading to sub-par user and social experiences.

The Videon Compute Platform raises the bar to a completely new level with a subscription-based service, designed to make live streaming workflows more efficient and future-proof.

The platform leverages EdgeCaster’s Qualcomm®-powered ARM® processors and LiveEdge’s compute capabilities to run Docker containers that enable Videon technology partners to run advanced video processing applications directly at the contribution edge. The platform also includes access to LiveEdge® Cloud Pro, which provides ability to centrally set up, manage and monitor the health of a fleet of distributed edge devices, helping mitigate issues, minimize steps, and maximize flow.

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