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Professional Wireless Video

A cost-effective wireless video transmitter and receiver could solve your acquisition, contribution, and distribution of HD video. This will help you eliminate those cables lying around while ensuring the highest output quality. It will eliminate the big clutter of cables, making it easier to set up a wireless production set.

Running cables might still be a way that many individuals do business, but it can be inconvenient. Wireless products are very convenient and easy to set up because you don’t have to run long wires around.

These devices have increased flexibility because the wireless receiver can easily move around without installing new wires or re-route old ones. Your crew can move around at any distance and enable you to create a safe environment since there is nothing to trip over.

Regardless of your industry, a long range of these wireless products will ensure a seamless relay of recording from one point source to another or multiple points simultaneously. This eliminates the usually long set and configuration process since the transmitter and receiver will automatically detect each other and connect.