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9220 Bidirectional ASI/MPTS Gateway



The 9220 Bidirectional ASI/MPTS Gateway can receive transport streams over ASI and transmit streams over IP, or receive transport streams over IP and transmit streams over ASI. It features up to 6 ASI ports, individually configurable as inputs our outputs. With option +TS, the 9220 can support up to six ASI/IP bidirectional conversions simultaneously (standard support with no additional licenses supports one ASI/IP bidirectional gateway). The 9220 can be used to facilitate seamless plant distribution/contribution over IP. It also includes advanced redundancy protection features, allowing for automatic failover if the primary signal disappears. The card supports both unicast and multicast, with IGMP V1, V2 and V3. DashBoard™ remote control allows easy centralized control and monitoring access.


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