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9902-UDX-DSP-CI Channel Integrator






The Cobalt® 9902-UDX-DSP-CI Channel Integrator provides a comprehensive signal conversion and processing feature set designed to condition ingest Analog and Digital Audio and Video signals to meet comprehensive output requirements.

The 9902-UDX-DSP-CI Channel Integrator provides a powerful, high-density 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Up/Down/Cross Converter-Frame Sync and Embedder/De-Embedder platform with support for the following optional features:

• Linear Frame Rate Standards Conversion Option
• RGB Color Correction Option
• Trouble Slate Insertion Option
• Logo Generator Option
• External SFP Cage Hardware Option
• HDMI, Fiber, IP ST2110, ST2022-6 SFP Options
• Emergency Alert Crawl Generator Option
• Text-To-Speech Generator Option
• Real-Time Loudness Leveling (RTLL) Loudness Processing Options
• Dolby® Encode/Decode Options
• Stereo to Surround Sound Upmixing Option

Along with the extensive list of features and options, the 9902-UDX-DSP-CI offers comprehensive high-quality standards conversion utilizing Cobalt’s linear frame rate conversion to convert between virtually any SD/HD/3G format – 25/50, 29.97/30/59.94/60, and 23.98/24 (both film and PsF) from 525/625i to 1080p and anything in-between – with conversion to and from NTSC and PAL available for all input and output formats (see Diagrams for full conversion matrix). This broad flexibility makes the 9902-UDX-DSP-CI perfect for international signal aggregators and distributors in the Cable, DBS, and OTT markets.

I/O Capabilities
In addition to accepting and providing 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O and CVBS I/O, the 9902-UDX-DSP-CI accommodates a wide array of baseband I/O, including:
• Externally-accessible SFP cage option allows flexible added I/O, including
fiber, HDMI, and IP.
• Optionally accepts up to 12 channels of professional balanced analog
audio embed/de-embed.
• Accepts up to 16 channels (8 pairs) of discrete unbalanced AES (AES-3id)
embed/de-embed. Per-pair SRC can be applied to consumer
(non-professional) digital audio sources to synchronize to 48 kHz video.
• Full audio crosspoint between embedded channels, balanced analog
I/O and AES I/O.

As content delivery platforms evolve, conversion and processing systems need to be as comprehensive and cost effective as possible. Content providers/aggregators are tasked with receiving various signal types and standards and formatting them to the exact video, audio and metadata configuration needed on a per channel basis, and need an easy to deploy means of integrating and optimizing the components that comprise a modern broadcast.

Designed to address these evolving needs in the densest foot print possible, the 9902-UDX-DSP-CI Channel Integrator provides the signal conversion and processing tool set needed to conform analog and digital audio and video signals and their associated metadata to meet sophisticated channel delivery requirements. Flexibility and advanced video processing including broadcast quality Up/Down/Cross conversion with Noise Reduction and Detail Enhancement makes the 9902-UDX-DSP-CI perfect for rentals and international signal aggregators and distributors in all markets.

The Channel Integrator is offered with a wide range of rear I/O options including high-density DIN and HDBNC and can be configured with a SFP I/O port option which adds support for either HDMI, fiber optic, or IP (SMPTE 2110 or SMPTE 2022-6).


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