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9992-DEC AVC/MPEG-2 Software Defined Broadcast Decoder


(This content is preliminary.) The Cobalt® 9992-DEC AVC/MPEG-2 Software Defined Broadcast Decoder is a broadcast-grade multi-standard decoder designed to meet the most stringent requirements for today’s broadcasters. It supports MPEG-2 and AVC (H.264), with resolution optionally up to 4K, as well as offering a full complement of audio decoding capabilities. The 9992-DEC is an industry standard openGear® card module and provides an ideal platform for transitioning to state-of-the-art decoding capabilities.

The 9992-DEC is HEVC and 4K upgradeable (in addition to other upgrades) using a flexible firmware-based licensing structure that allows managing CAPEX while allowing for future growth as needs change.


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