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Antelope Nano


HD Broadcast POV micro camera

The Antelope Nano miniature live broadcast camera system offers spectacular Full HD footage and never seen before details from vantage points where larger cameras cannot be mounted. The Antelope Nano camera supports video formats up 60p.
The system is based on a 1/1,2“ CMOS chip and provides high detail and unsurpassed light sensitivity. The camera head‘s extremely small dimensions of 32x32x65 mm allow unusual camera point of views in feature film, live broadcast, documentary or industrial environment.

Sensor 1/1,2″, 5,86 um pixel
Resolution Full HD 1920×1080
Shutter Global (1/25-1/10000s)
Video output
  • 2x 3G SDI Output
  • – 10 BIT YUV422
  • – RAW
Frame rates
  • progressive
  • -23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30,50,59.94, 60
  • interlaced
  • -50, 59,94, 60
Dynamic range 60DB + HDR mode
Weight 190g
Dimensions 32x32x65 mm




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