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openGear ADA-8405-C Analog Audio and Timecode DA with Remote Gain


The ADA-8405-C is a remote gain analog audio distribution amplifier designed for broadcast use. It can be used as either a mono 1×8, or dual channel (stereo) 1×4 audio DA. When used with the standard -R2C rear module, it provides 8 copies of the single (mono) input signal or 4 copies each of the dual (stereo) inputs.

The -R2CS split rear module can support 2x ADA-8405-C cards, each operating as a 1×4 audio DA. This can be used to separate left and right stereo pair signals to be amplified in separate paths for critical signals.

The ADA-8405-C has internal audio processing for independent channel or stereo gain control and summing capability.

The ADA-8405-C is also ideal for LTC timecode distribution throughout a facility. In 1×8 mode, the ADA-8405-C provides 8 copies of the incoming signal when used with the -R2C rear module.



  • Dual 1×4 or single 1×8 analog audio distribution
  • +/- 15dB software gain control
  • Summing capability
  • Low distortion
  • 1×4 or 1×8 timecode (LTC) distribution
  • 20 cards in a OG3-FR
  • Balanced I/O
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • Power: 2.6 watts


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