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AirPro – Low Cost Driveaway Satellite Data Terminal


The Vislink AirPro is a two-axis motorized driveaway antenna system with full auto-acquisition functionality for the Ka-Sat.

Product Features

  • One-piece Eutelsat approved reflector
  • Supports Standard TRIA and new E-TRIA
  • Works with Viasat SurfbeamII/Pro modems
  • One-click Auto-Acquisition technology

Low-Cost Driveaway Satellite Data Terminal

The terminal can be roof-mounted to any vehicle using commercially available roof bars. It makes an instant broadband connection possible anywhere, within the footprint of a configured satellite.

The antenna is controlled using the web interface built into the controller. The system is designed for use by non-technical people and operation is simply a matter of choosing the appropriate satellite and selecting “deploy”. In basic mode the functions are limited to Deploy, Stow and Stop. Other configuration features are available in the advanced mode.

The system takes the data from the built-in GPS and compass and deploys the antenna to the correct elevation, automatically aligning to the required satellite. The acquisition time is less than five minutes. The controller also monitors the Surfbeam 2 modem to maintain a continuous, precise satellite fix.

The controller uses a 3-axis inclinometer to auto low Cost Driveaway Satellite Data Terminalorrect when deployed on non-level terrain ensuring rapid satellite acquisition every time and saving the operator from having to consider terrain when parking.

The Vislink AirPro requires only three cables from the antenna position to the operator: Tria BUC RF cable; Ethernet cable and DC power.


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