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1080p 4x high-speed shooting for vivid imaging of high-energy moments in sports and other events.

HD Studio Handy Camera


  • AK-HC5000GJ (Tajimi connector model)
  • AK-HC5000GSJ (LEMO connector model)

The 3MOS sensors popular in constantly evolving ENG cameras are now available in Studio Handy Cameras

1080p 4x high-speed shooting included as standard function*1

Newly developed 2/3-type MOS sensor

Remote Operation Panel (ROP)

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Remote Operation Panel (ROP)AK-HRP1000GJ


Expand operation scope with two size options: a full operation panel and a simplified panel. These compact operation panels also support PoE*1 and IP control.

  • *1: Abbreviation of Power over Ethernet.

Camera Control Unit (CCU)

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  • *1: When power is supplied from CCU.
  • *2: When AK-UC3000 4K Studio Handy Camera is connected.
  • *3: When AK-HC5000 HD Studio Handy Camera is connected.
  • *4: Support sequentially starts from July 2016.

Camera Control Unit (CCU)AK-UCU500

  • AK-UCU500PJ/AK-UCU500EJ (Tajimi connector model)
  • AK-UCU500PSJ/AK-UCU500ESJ (LEMO connector model)

The CCU supports both 4K and HD formats by just changing the camera head.
It enables a high-quality, long-distance optical fiber transmission camera system to be configured at a reduced cost.

22.9cm [9inch] LCD Color Viewfinder

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22.9cm [9inch] LCD Color ViewfinderAK-HVF100GJ

Equipped with newly designed tilt mechanism and extensive functions such as focus assist and external video input.

  • *1: When connected to AK-UC3000 or AK-HC5000.

Master Setup Unit (MSU)

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Master Setup Unit (MSU)AK-MSU1000GJ

Controls up to 99 CCU units via IP

Build-up Unit

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