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4K Multi Purpose Camera supporting simultaneous output in UHD and HD and equipped with a 2/3 type lens mount

4K Multi Purpose Camera


4K Multi Purpose Camera with UHD/HD Simultaneous Output and 2/3 type lens mount

This 4K multipurpose camera shows its potential in a wide range of situations, from live sports and other event broadcasting to studio recording and aerial shooting. Two sensitivity modes (high sensitivity and normal) can be selected according to the shooting environment. The usability has also greatly improved with the newly developed haze reduction technology and transmission with a single cable operation is possible when the 12G Output Board is replaced with 3G TICO UHD Output Board. This camera comes standard with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function that is equipped on Panasonic Studio Cameras. Our original HDR adjustment function makes possible video expression with a higher level of realism. Additionally, AK-UB300GJ is also equipped with the focus assist function as well as an HD cropping function from 4K video. It can also perform HD-IP streaming output and IP control so the system can be centrally managed with Studio Camera AK and Integrated Camera AW series, enabling flexible and expandable utilization.


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