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ATSC/QAM Transcoder

Through a high density, low-cost, flexible 1RU chassis, the AQT8-QAM/IP provides operators with a transcoding solution for multi-channel processing, reducing the equipment, space and power needed for QAM or IPTV distribution.

The AQT8-QAM/IP is especially designed to allow operators to create a custom channel line up from off-air and/or cable feeds for coax or IP distribution. Additionally, the unit gives the user the ability to change the PID, Program #, Short Name, Major and Minor Channel (PSIP) information.

The unit accepts up to eight (8) 8VSB or QAM channel inputs, supporting up to 20 programs on each input, and 20 programs total on eight (8) customizable QAM/IP outputs. The AQT8-QAM/IP features Emergency Alert System (EAS) program switching through either an ASI or IP format EAS input, and terminal block contacts for triggering EAS messages.


• Accepts up to eight (8) RF inputs in 8VSB/QAM format

• Supports up to 20 programs on each input, and 20 programs total on the eight (8) customizable IP outputs

• Supports in-service monitoring of a selected output

• One output TS can be sent to the front panel ASI for in-service monitoring of a selected output

• A -20 dB QAM RF test connector is provided on the front panel to monitor the units output

• PSIP manipulation

• Performs IP network de-jitter, PCR (Program Clock Reference) replacement, null packet insertion, and deletion

• Supports RTP/UDP – and – ARP, IGMPv2, ICMP protocols

• Supports EAS switching-based on contact closure trigger, or +5 to +12 VDC input

• Provides comprehensive GUI-based remote monitoring and control via any standard Web browser


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