AVIWEST External QUAD Antenna for Live Video Transmission
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AVIWEST External QUAD Antenna


4 Patented High-Efficiency Wideband Antennas for Video Transmission


QUAD combines 4 patented high-efficiency passive wideband antennas operating from 600MHz to 3GHz covering all the frequency bands used by 3G and 4G networks worldwide. The 4 antennas have semi omnidirectional radiation patterns and high gain across all bands for constant uplink and downlink communications.

Its rugged design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can be mounted on a tripod or a mast for better signal reception or even placed on a vehicle roof thanks to its magnetic pads.

Used in combination with DMNG RACK180, DMNG PRO180-RA, or DMNG PRO380-RA the solution improves significantly the signal resilience and the quality of the live video transmission in critical environment.


Crowded areas:
Plugged to a DMNG PRO180-RA and mounted on a tripod or a mast, QUAD can improve significantly the performance and the resiliency of a live video transmission from heavily crowed areas where cellular signal transmission is poor such as street demonstrations or sport stadiums.


News trucks:
Using its 4 anti-slip magnetic pads, QUAD can be placed in a second on a roof of a news vehicle to extend to 3G and 4G cellular transmission the existing satellite or microwave capabilities.


Live from Vehicles or Motorbikes
QUAD can be easily placed on a motorbike or on the roof of a car by using its magnetic pads or the optional mounting plate. In combination with the DMNG PRO180-RA, the system can improve significantly the live video transmission performances while on the move to cover events such as bicycle races or marathons.


Antennas4 wideband antenna array
600MHz to 3GHz
Semi Omnidirectional radiation patterns
ElectricalFree Space Return Loss (dB)
700-960MHz: <-10
1710-2700MHz: <-10
Free Space VSWR
700-960MHz: <2:1
1710-2700MHz: <2:1
Free Space Peak Gain (dB)
700-960MHz: up to 0.88dBi
1710-2700MHz: up to 5.4dBi
Coaxial Cable4 cables (one per antenna)
– Termination: MCX male
– Type: RG174
– Length: up to 9 meters
Mounting1 x anti rotation 1/4-20 threaded stud mount
4 x anti-slip magnetic pads
4 x M4 threaded silentblocs
PhysicalPlastic body with ground plane
Dimensions: 222 x 222 x 79 mm
Weight (Kg): 1.4
Weight (Lb): 3.08
Operating temperatures: -40°C to 85°C



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