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Outdoor integrated pan-tilt full HD camera with high sensitivity, high S/N ratio, and high resolution

Full-HD Outdoor Integrated Camera


Outdoor integrated remote camera that maintains stable recording performance in the toughest of environments

Outdoor housing and camera, lens, and pan head are integrated in this remote camera system.

The camera is equipped with the same Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and 1/2.86 type full HD 3MOS sensors as in the AW-HE130W/K. High sensitivity, high S/N ratio, and high resolution are achieved by advanced video processing.

In addition to the functions of the AW-HE130W/K, mechanisms needed for shooting outdoors are enhanced as well. Flexible operation is achieved by features compatible with tough outdoor environments such as resistance to water and dust, wind pressure, and severe salt damage, as well as hot environments.


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