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Built-in NDI | HX for End-to-End Video Production over the Network

NDI | HX Compatible 4K Integrated Camera


NDI | HX Compatible Premium HD Integrated Camera


NDI | HX Compatible HD Integrated Camera


NDI | HX Compatible Entry-level HD Integrated Camera


NDI : Network Device Interface, a technology of NewTek, Inc.

Complete video production, control, and creativity all over IP

What is NDI?

Produce your shows in a completely new way — using sources from all over your network, not just what’s physically patched into your SDI video router. NDI (Network Device Interface) by NewTek is a standard anyone can implement to connect video equipment across a network. Your production switcher, capture system, media server — any NDI-enabled device on the network — can see and access content from all other devices, allowing more sources than ever before to be used for live production.

How does Panasonic support NDI?

Now, you can harness the power of NDI with Panasonic products. The Panasonic NDI capable models include a complete line-up of HN/UN series integrated robotic PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Cameras and the AV-HLC100 Live Production Center. The integrated PTZs have built-in support of NDI via a highly efficient NDI|HX mode requiring no external conversion hardware allowing you to benefit from NDI with a Panasonic camera. The AV-HLC100 Live Production Center includes native NDI support as the premiere all-in-one live production tool. Combine the two together to enjoy end-to-end live video production from your live event to the web.

How is it useful?

NDI is video production over IP that you can use now on standard gigabit IP networks. Traditional control rooms and video productions utilized multiple paths, proprietary hardware, and distribution cores. With NDI, the network is your distribution and all video sources are available to all video destinations. No longer are you tied to physical limits of inputs and outputs, but rather the bandwidth of your network available to you.

With NDI Connection, a control room or multiple control rooms are all connected. All video sources are available to all video destinations without a separate cable. Simpler to connect, easier to deploy, offering even more production creativity!

NDI Ecosystem

Single Cable IP Distribution

Panasonic PTZ cameras with NDI I HX make a difference to live production

NewTek Technology

  • Automatic Discovery & Ease of Use
  • Built-in Support for NDI via NDI|HX
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • PTZ Control & Tally
  • Single Cable Connectivity*3


  • Complete line-up of camera models with different sensor technology, optics, resolution, and interfacing
  • Panasonic broadcast-level image quality with features like DRS*2, multi-axis color correction, and manual adjustment parameters
  • The smoothest robotic and pan/tilt/zoom movement suitable for live “on-air” usage.
  • Dedicated IP Controller offerings including AW-RP50 & AW-RP120 Joystick controllers, hybrid controllers, software, and available remote operating panels (ROP) for shading.
  • Redundancy: Production Workflows are mission critical. Introduce redundancy to your workflow by utilizing NDI|HX and baseband video (HDMI and/or HD-SDI) simultaneously.
  • Panasonic cameras with NDI|HX support multicast mode, meaning you don’t utilize extra bandwidth when multiple clients access the same stream.
  • Panasonic cameras feature an audio input. This means, audio can be injected and then embedded to your NDI signal.
  • Equipped with a JPEG Image Saving function* that enables camera video to be saved, played back and deleted on a microSD card as still JPEG images.(AW-UN70W/K,AW-HN40HW/HK,AW-HN38HW/HK)
    * Use may require a software version update.

System Configuration and Workflow

Live Event

NDI Utilities and 3rd Party Solutions

Available NDI Utilities and NDI support in numerous third party software/hardware solutions unleash the power of NDI workflow, allowing you to setup quicker and fuel a new level of creativity and quality.

NDI Transmit / Virtual Input converts an NDI Source to USB Video Class

NDI studio monitor allows for real-time monitoring and control of an NDI source

NDI IsoCorder allows you to record an NDI source to file

NDI I HX Upgrade for AW-UE/HE Models

Utilizing current generation HE/UE camera models? Great news, you can upgrade these cameras for NDI Support. Visit to learn how to upgrade.

Upgrade Compatible Models:
AW-HE130 Series: AW-HE130 (white/black)
AW-UE70 Series: AW-UE70 (white/black)
AW-HE40 Series: AW-HE40H (white/black)
AW-HE38 Series: AW-HE38H (white/black)
•NDI|HX, a technology of NewTek, Inc.

*1: Power over Ethernet Plus, IEEE 802.3at
*2: Dynamic Range Stretch
*3: PoE is required for NDI connection.


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