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Axia IP-Tablet Core


This one-of-a-kind software suite is a bold step toward the virtual radio studio of the future. It minimizes the need for cumbersome and sight-blocking monitors by virtualizing the monitoring and control of your gear on a Windows tablet (anything from a low-cost Asus model to a high-end Microsoft Surface) running any of the IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software modules. IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software can run on your Windows PC, as well. Sold individually, you can buy those software modules that are most relevant and beneficial to your studio setup.

IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software gives you the ability to customize and consolidate control of Axia consoles, xNodes, Telos phone systems / codecs, and Omnia processors all on a single standard Windows touchscreen tablet. Purchase an IP-Tablet Virtual Radio Core app for each tablet you want to use in your studio environment

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