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Axia PowerStation IP-Tablet Software


Axia IP-Tablet is a one-of-a-kind software suite and a bold step toward the virtual radio studio of the future. It minimizes the need for cumbersome and sight-blocking monitors by virtualizing the monitoring and control of your gear on a Windows tablet (anything from a low-cost Asus model to a high-end Microsoft Surface) running any of the IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software modules. IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software can run on your Windows PC, as well.

Aside from virtualizing control, the IP-Tablet also allows you to manage user rights for device access, linking a user’s profile to his or her needs. Adding great value to your Axia console purchase, the IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software puts your most-used console functions right at your fingertips!

The IP-Tablet PowerStation app unlocks full control of an Axia Fusion or Element console connected to the PowerStation. You can customize the layout and controls to fit the exact needs of each user. Choosing from one of the predesigned templates or the simple drag-and-drop design interface, you can draft a layout that is specific to your needs. You can design a screen containing VU Meters, Timers, Time and Date display, status of On-Air, Preview and Talkback, the ability to control faders and change fader sources, choose console shows, and have full Vmix control with faders. One PowerStation license will allow any number of tablets to connect to the PowerStation for control, remembering that each tablet still requires its own Core license.

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