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BBG-1022-2FS 3G/HD/SD-SDI Standalone Dual-Channel Frame Sync



The Cobalt® BBG-1022-2FS  3G/HD/SD-SDI Standalone Dual-Channel Frame Sync with Audio/Video Processing, AES/Analog Audio Embedding/De-Embedding and CVBS I/O offers two independent signal paths of frame sync / audio embedding and de-embedding in a single unit.

Advanced frame sync features include per-channel audio delay, audio/video offset, and output rate conversion to and from 23.98/29.97/29.94 to 24/30/60 frame rates. Frame sync can select from multiple reference inputs, with failover to alternate selected sources. Each path can independently use either of two frame references or internal reference. Audio embed adaptive SRC allows asynchronous 48 kHz AES audio to automatically sync with program video 48 kHz timing for glitch-free embedding. Individual, per-pair SRC auto-detects and disables SRC when a Dolby pair is detected on an input pair. Bulk and per-channel audio delay controls easily address lip-sync issues. A convenient input crosspoint can select from up to four SDI inputs to be applied to either of the unit’s two processing paths.

The input crosspoint allows manual or failover selection to alternate inputs on loss of input conditions. For each path, two discrete character burn strings can be inserted on output video, with each string inserted as static text and/or insert only upon LOS. With option +T-SLATE, import of user trouble slate graphics is also supported in addition to standard test pattern insert as an input LOS/quality event marker. Moving-box insertion can serve as a dynamic raster confidence check even when the input video image is static. Included standard is closed captioning absence/presence detection for CEA 608/708 and line 21 SD closed captioning.

With option +ANC, the 9922-FS offers full VANC/HANC ancillary data packet de-embedding and embedding for 3G/HD/SD-SDI streams. The easy to use interface allows direct access to DID and SDID locations to extract or insert user data such as camera PTZ, SCTE 104, closed-captioning read/insert, GPI/GPO via ANC, or other specialized user payloads. Data can be extracted and inserted within the card, (Bridge mode), or inserted and/or extracted to and from external interface via serial or IP interfaces.

Option +TTS provides high-quality Text-To-Speech synthesis, directly converting EAS text to digital audio speech with no baseband signal breakouts or add-ons. It interfaces with industry standard Windows Share folder systems to receive non-proprietary text, XML, or similar plain text files, and converts and inserts realistic human-voice audio into user-configured audio channels. Option +EASprovides the ideal solution for keying Emergency Alert System (EAS) textcrawls in the active video. Option +EAS directly converts serial crawl text datafrom EAS generators (such as Sage™ or Dasdec™) to a keyed scrolling text insertion. User-configurable fill background color and text size can be correlated to event severity.

Preset save/load allows saving custom settings while allowing one-button revert to factory settings. Layered presets allow invoking changes related only to a specific area of concern (audio routing, for example) while not changing any other processing settings or aspects. The BBG-1022-2FS can be remote-controlled using DashBoard™. GPIO allows direct input routing control and status monitoring.

The compact standalone form factor allows desktop usage, as well as the 1/3-rack size of the BBG-1022-2FS allowing 3 units to be installed in a 1RU space (an optional mounting tray is available that provides secure mounting of the units to a standard 19” frame).


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