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The BBG-1123-ENC2 provides a compact form-factor standalone unit for distribution of MPEG-4 encoding. Utilizing the openGear® open-architecture control/monitoring platform, the BBG-1123-ENC2 can be remotely controlled and monitored with the free, easy-to-use DashBoard™ setup and control operator interface. (When connected to your network, the BBG-1123-ENC2 appears in DashBoard just like any other device.) The BBG-1123-ENC2 includes dual redundant 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet ports for control. In addition to full remote control/monitoring via DashBoard™ software, the advanced front panel display/user interface allows initial and basic configuration setup without needing a computer or connection to remote control. Low-profile packaging fits 1 RU installations.

The BBG-1123-ENC2 offers the latest advances in video compression that delivers excellent video quality at very low bit rates. Unique encoding designs allow delivery of multiple HD and SD video services simultaneously. In addition to two ASI outputs, the BBG-1123-ENC2 provides two Ethernet outputs, supporting full-duplex 100 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s operation. Input video auto-detect mode allows encoding to automatically configure an output that correspond to the input, with resolution and frame rate same as input, and scaling set to same as input or other applicable choices.

When using the Ethernet output, the BBG-1123-ENC supports the traditional UDP/RTP/SPMTE 2022 FEC protocols, as well as the HTTP Live Streaming protocol for transmitting live video over the Internet. Using HTTP Live Streaming, the BBG-1123-ENC2 can transmit broadcast-quality video to mobile phones (Apple and Android 4.0 supported), tablets, and a variety of consumer set-top boxes (such as the Amino A140 and the Roku Player).

RTMP support allows direct publishing of real-time, live content to Adobe® Media Servers or any other servers, web sites and CDNs with RTMP ingress, such as, UStream, LiveStream and Akamai. Publish professional-quality real-time SD/HD content to Internet viewers (including some critical features not available in PC-based software encoders) such as ancillary data support (closed-captioning, AFD) and SD-SDI/HD-SDI video inputs with embedded audio support – all in broadcast-grade video quality. SMPTE-2038 processing allows inserting generic ancillary data packets in the transport stream, with frame accuracy. Up to four DID/SDID pairs can be supported. Full user remote monitor/control allows full device status and control access across a standard Ethernet network.

BBG-1123-ENC encoders are also available in single encoding channel configuration.


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