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Universal 65Wh battery pack with multiple voltage output


  • Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
  • Nominal Capacity: 4.4Ah, 65Wh
  • Output #1 #2: 14.8V nominal (10.8V ~ 16.8V)
  • Output #3 #4: regulated 8.4V or 11.1V, user selectable
  • Max. discharge load output #1, #2: max 80W
  • Max. discharge load output #3, #4: max 50W
  • Size: 139 x 76 x 46mm (5.47″ x 2.99″ x 1.81″)
  • Weight: 0.65Kg (1.43lbs)


The BUBBLEPACK is a unique product – literally there is nothing on the market like it.  The battery has four taps that are live constantly. The two rear D-taps provide the 14.8V outputs. The front taps, a modified D-tap, provides either 11.1V or 8.4V, with the user determining the voltage through a switch under the battery. In short, this unit takes the place of three batteries. (Most videographers would need two taps minimum for the camera and a light – and often these are two different voltages; external monitors, wireless receivers are also common accessories that need powered.) Importantly, this battery can be used with virtually every camera below the 24V models; the user can use one battery regardless of which of his cameras he has chosen to use.

BLUESHAPE D-tap and B-tap connectors can be reversed by any user to face either the front or back. Printed instructions on the process are provided with the cable.

The charger that is supplied with the unit is a wall wart that plugs into the D-tap. If a user plugs the charger into the unit while it is connected to the camera, the unit will serve as an AC adapter (power supply).

The unit ships with the battery, a charger and one modified D-tap cable known as the B-tap. Additional cables are available for purchase. Also, more than 20 adapters have been developed with connectors that fit over five hundred specific cameras, monitors and other devices.

NEW – users of the BLUESHAPE CVS8X charger are now able to charge their BUBBLEPACK in as little as 90 minutes with the BLUESHAPE BP-CV cable!

PLEASE NOTE: The B-tap (modified D-tap) cables are provided with a plug that only fits the BUBBLEPACK (and the BLUESHAPE MVFULL plate); both the battery socket and the cable tap are blue as a reminder. It is the responsibility of the user to select the proper voltage (either 11.1V or 8.4V) for the device to be connected.